ORNATE NX is the Next Generation Jewellery Store Management Software that enables business owners to manage back-end and front-end business operations through a system that doesn't require constant human involvement.

If you think that a large-sized jewellery business is nothing but a mid-sized business with more money, you are sorely mistaken.

Large-sized businesses consist of Jewellery brands, showrooms and large retailers. These are businesses that have multiple showrooms across cities, huge stock and massive flotation of money. They have to keep their customer base happy while keeping a track of market fluctuations. Such businesses also have to maintain premier industry standards, which by any means is not an easy task.


Usually, large-sized businesses opt for an ERP software, but sadly, none of them are competent enough to solve all the business management problems. This forces large scale jewellers to either opt for multiple softwares or leave a few tasks unattended.

Ornate NX is the only Jewellery Store Management Software you need to solve all large-sized jewellery business problems. Along with streamlined accounting, billing, and inventory management, Ornate NX, the gold jewellery manufacturing software, also provides an effective CRM system and transparent analytical data.

What does that mean?

Simply that you don’t even have to purchase a CRM software separately and that you’ll have accountability for every rupee earned or spent.

Ornate NX, the Jewellery Store Management Software acts as a virtual owner of your jewellery business by monitoring all tasks and keeping the owner informed to enable quick decisions.

The salient features of Ornate NX software functionality are-


Inventory Management (with Barcode)

Out-sourced Manufacturing

Order/ Repairing Management

Financial Accounting

Management Information System

CRM / Loyalty Programs / Gift Coupons / Gold scheme

Business Intelligence System

OTP based system for authentication

Gold jewellery manufacturing software