Are you a jeweller, tied up with monitoring showroom activities by the minute, overseeing operations, and ensuring everything runs smoothly? Are you also a jeweller who wants to break away from this, and explore new ventures and business possibilities?

Ornate Standard is the ONLY SOLUTION YOU NEED to put all your operational worries to bed. Take care of everything, right from accounting, to tagging, to data security, effortlessly.

Ornate Standard is the Gold Standard of jewellery ERP offering the following advantages during day-to-day showroom operations-



Easy Tagging, Billing & more in one screen

Smooth usage & accessibility helps make data entry faster

Self-customizable Reports with Drag & Drop functionality

Microsoft Excel sheets can be easily imported & exported


A built-in sturdy and robust database, MS-SQL

Easy & well-managed data processing & retrieval

Reduced chances of data loss or corruption

Protects data from theft & malicious behavior


Easy Stock Bifurcation facilitated by a detailed product structure:
Item: Item Group - Variety - Prefix

Data helps in taking better merchandize & purchase decisions

Stores up to 5 pictures per jewellery item to make a detailed catalog

Reducing human errors during jewellery weighing, and subsequent billing. Get automatic gross weight directly from the scale.

Reduce deadstock & blocking capital by taking informed procurement & purchase decisions

Enter tag weight in Master to get accurate jewellery weight & stock reconciliation with weighing scale connectivity

Grouping functionality & multiple search parameters help in better data analysis


The power of automation rids a jeweller of his daily operational worries, which in a way relieves him from his biggest burden.

Put an end to manual efforts and errors with automated checking of newly received ornaments

Making Charge Master automates supplier wise, item wise & weight range wise making charge tagging

Accurate value of items can be checked at the Sales Counter even by new staff by scanning a barcode

Sales Challan generated through Bluetooth connected printers saves customers' time

Description entered in Prefix-Master gets printed immediately on scanning the barcode

Effortlessly open additional cash counters

In-built feature gives jewellery insurance where entries are recorded on insurance portal immediately

Transparently open weight or amount wise gold schemes for customers

Easily track self-order & customer-order

Detailed BoM helps jeweller plan & issue items to Kairgars

Track salesman wise sale to monitor performance & provide incentives

Ornate Standard makes all Statutory Compliances available on time


Reduce human errors to increase profits

In-depth data analysis to understand inventory, sales patterns and make informed merchandise & marketing plans

Easily understand cash position through detailed cash flow statements

Expense analysis to understand expenditures & then reduce them

User-wise security using Waterfall method secures your data against mischief

Day-wise & time-wise auto-backup to secure your latest data

Wholesalers who have their sales teams in the market can easily manage their work with Tablets

Wholesalers can manage retailer wise making with lot of flexibility in operations.