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A ‘Hallmark’ certifies the quality of Gold and Silver ornaments. Likewise, ‘Ornate’ is largely covered for being the most reliable, effective, and profitable software for Jewellery businesses. ORNATE is widely accepted amongst jewellery retail showrooms, wholesale business houses, jewellery wholesalers, and manufacturers across India and beyond it.


ORNATE offers the most suitable and apt solutions for automation and computerization of jewellery business management, making it the best Jewellery software in the market!

With Ornate Standard, we assist you in taking the first step towards computerization. It is specially developed for jewellers who aspire to move from managing accounts on paper to implementing a system for the same.

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A brand new feature that helps jewellers display jewellery designs online, and sell them offline! No matter where your customers are, you can give them a showroom-like experience, every time they wish to shop! With Ornate NX - Jahan Graahak Wahan Showroom!

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Suvarna Setu App

Gain New Customers & Retain Existing Customers! Suvarna Setu is an endeavor with a very unique concept. Here the end customers of the retailer will be able to save money every time they shop at Freedeem registered stores or brands. The money saved can be utilized in buying Gold/Jewellery from jewellery showrooms.

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Reasons for using ornate

No leakage by anyone

Jewellery business runs on trust,
especially when you are dependent on your staff for many day-to-day activities.

No Chance of Any Error

In the business of jewellery, even small mistake could prove very costly for the owner. Not anymore.

Secure Your Business Secrets

To maintain the profitability of your jewellery business, you may not want anyone to know your certain facts and figures.

Control Your Stocks, Smartly & Securely

Smart management of your stocks is a key to increase your profitability. And without proper watch on the stocks, you are at a risk of losses too.

Develop Customer Centric Schemes

In the business of jewellery, continuous engagement with your customer is crucial. Valued customers, planning special schemes.

Take Smart & Timely Decisions

Ability to find specific trends out of your sales data can open a gold mine of insights that you can use to increase the profitability of your business. Insights that you can use for taking better decisions.

Easily Maintain Legal Compliances

Like all other businessmen, jewellers are required to maintain proper records of their transactions in specific manner. Ignorance in this can prove costly.

Delegate Tasks Effortlessly

Delegate tasks to staff members while keeping complete control over your business!