Why this blog?

I have been fortunate enough to get an opportunity to work with various jewelry business people, trade organizations as well as consultants offering various solutions to jewelry industry since 1997.

Being in the business of providing software solutions, I have always been wondering why only less than 1% of the total retail jewelers across India (or even globally), have been working in organized retail formats whereas rests are still operating it like small businesses?

I started applying all my experience and knowledge which I gained during my management studies as well as my studies on “Family Business Management” at IIM- Ahmedabad on the subject.

At the same time I got excellent opportunity to share my views during seminars which I conducted at various exhibitions like GJIIE – Chennai, SIJS – Bangalore as well as KGJS – Cochin. I also started offering solutions through my column in “The Art of Jewelry” magazine.

After reading 75 odd articles which were published in past 6 years, many of the friends from the jewelry fraternity suggested me to write a book on the subject of “Effective Jewelry Business Management”.

I thought that in today’s digital world it will be hard for people to find time to go through entire book at one go. Thus, I decided to share my thoughts through this medium, where I can share my thoughts about one topic at a time and also invite comments from readers.

I am sure you will enjoy these articles and find them insightful.

I also welcome you to post your thoughts by commenting on my articles and share your views to make this more interesting and knowledge sharing medium for all the readers!

Happy Reading.


– Shaudhan Desai