Free* Jewellery GST compliant billing software from ORNATE family!

ORNATE Lite – a GST compliant software having features of Sales, Purchase, jobwork, stock and accounting upto Trial Balance now available with audio-visual tutorials.

It also includes 30 day free electronic support.

* The product will allow free usage for one company for one year.

Ornate Software

Why this blog?

I have been fortunate enough to get an opportunity to work with various jewelry business people, trade organizations as well as consultants offering various solutions to jewelry industry since 1997. Being in the business of providing software solutions, I have always been wondering why only less than 1% of the total retail jewelers across India ...
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Part – III : Developing Know-How for Growth and Profitability

In the last article we understood that business scenario is changing fast and to keep the pace with the same we need to KNOW, HOW to update our SYSTEM of doing business? Well, to develop such KNOW-HOW, these 7 steps to increase profitability of your jewelry business are created. Thus, 7 steps are organized in 3 parts. In the first part tha...
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Part – II : Changing Scenario in Jewelry Business

In the first part we understood that most of the business owners assume that past practices are sufficient for present and future, present trends will continue and future is uncertain and dangerous. At the same time the fact is, new practices, new methods, new products and new approaches are essential for sustainable progress. One must also unde...
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Part – I : Understanding the Changing Scenario

7 Steps to increase profitability of your jewelry business, is an attempt to helps jewelers in understanding entire business cycle from the point of view of most acceptable and most proven rules / steps or methods of conducting business by which it can be taken to greater heights as per the mission or desire of the businessman. I still remember ...
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