About us

ORNATE – a complete ERP solution for jewellery business management – has been developed by D’soft Infotech, headquartered at Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

D’soft Infotech is a software product company with more than 500+ man years of IT experience and 20+ years of rich insights into the jewellery industry.

The ages old jewellery industry of India has been recently undergoing a revolutionary transformation. The industry stands on the foundation of trust and relationships, but now in the recent years, in the advent of globalisation and growing information technology, the jewellery industry too is adapting professionalism.

With this paradigm shift, the industry was in dire need of technological solutions to handle the business management.

Unlike other manufacturing or retail industries, jewellery industry is very complex in nature and as the highly priced materials is involved, prudent technologies solutions become imperative.

D’soft has successfully filled up the gap, leveraging its software expertise as well as rich insights to the complex multifaceted nitty-gritty of the jewellery industry.

Today, the company is the indisputable market leader in providing highly solutions for jewellers. ORNATE, the flagship offering of the company has lived up to the expectations of jewellers in providing solutions for all market segments in Jewellery.

The company focuses on ready-to-use product solutions for the Jewellery industry, which are user friendly, entirely secure and offers utmost value for money.

Over a period of time, ORNATE has earned the distinction of being trusted by leading jewellers across 160+ cities in India, USA, UK, Africa, UAE and Sri Lanka.

Over a period of time, the company has earned the distinction of being trusted by leading jewellers across 160+ cities in India, USA, UK, Africa, UAE and Sri Lanka.

D’soft Advantages

Rich insights

D’soft Infotech’s wealth of knowledge covers the core of the Jewellery industry and the most crucial business issues. Our broad range of expertise and clear approach to finding solutions has led us to develop unique business management solutions that quickly become the standard.

What started as a software solution for small family jewellers, today the systems adopted in ORNATE has become the de-facto standard in jewellery industry. Since 1996, when the first software was given to a family jeweller, the solution has been made versatile to suit all types of jewellers.

Our objective is not simply to apply best practice, but to invent it. We think creatively and partner with our clients to solve their toughest challenges.

Customer centric approach

At D’soft, customer satisfaction and customer delight always take enjoy precedence over sales or marketing. We firmly belive that no sales tool can ever be better than the product itself. If the product can bring smiles, it can drive sales too. For ORNATE, new business generates more from the recommendations by the existing users than the persuasion by our sales team.

The reason is simple; ORNATE is developed and constantly updated to make the life easy for the jeweller. We constantly look for what pinches the jewellers, what affects his profitability and then come with a perfect solution.

Qualified, experienced team

ORNATE is developed and continuously evolved by a large team of developers, well qualified in IT and experienced in jewellery business management. At the same time, the company is run and managed by farsighted management professionals.
This fine balance between product development and business management within D’soft has helped ORNATE become one of the most trusted name in the jewellery industry.

Meet the team

Reliable infrastructure

The company is headquartered at Rajkot where the entire IT development team and support team operate, with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.

Matching its emphasis on developing impeccable software, the company has invested heavily in building a fully equipped facility, enabling a favourable environment for the developers.

The infrastructure includes fully loaded workstations for software development, testing, support and training procedures. The development centre has dedicated internet connectivity and online conferencing facilities for online implementation and support.

Our Core Values

Follow fair business practices
  • Ensuring that Trust and Integrity is maintained at the highest level
  • Having uniform pricing across the country
  • Never disclosing any competitive information about one customer to another
Follow fair employee practices
  • Open door policy – right from CEO to Directors to Managers and Executives
  • Equal opportunity to all for knowledge and growth in the organization
  • Growth opportunity is for all – but everything is judged based on merits and contribution
  • Each team member deserves equal respect as human being and professional
  • Each employee is the face of the company and all are honoured
Follow fair growth practices
  • Only if the customer gets a WOW feeling, the customer will grow and will give us the opportunity to grow
  • Every time a client calls us for any kind of support, it is a opportunity for us to serve him in the best possible manner
  • We follow OKR (Objectives and Key Results) to ALWAYS reward team members and not any individual
  • Business has to be done on our own strengths and not on other competitor’s weakness
  • Let's strive for better than the best!