"The Hallmark" in Jewelery Software

Just as a ‘Hall Mark’ certifies the quality of Gold and Silver ornaments, “ORNATE” has gained status of most effective as well as profitable system of managing jewellery business due to its wide acceptance amongst jewellery retail showrooms, wholesale business houses, diamond Jewellery wholesalers and manufacturers across India.

Ornate is Windows based program which will fully manage every aspect of your jewellery business. In Ornate Point-of-Sale, Billing, Inventory and Bar-coding is 100% integrated with the Accounting System and so also Customer and Vendor (Karigar / Artisan / Smith) Management. All the modules in Ornate are integrated with Financial Accounting System. On line effect of each and every transaction can be viewed right upto Balance Sheet. Ornate offers all statutorily required financial reports including reports for VAT, TDS, Sales/Purchase/Artisan/Approval registers, Income & Expense Statement and ledger Accounts.
ORNATE Solutions
Retail Show Room Management
Wholesale Business Management
Diamond Jewellery Manufacturing System
Diamond Jewellery Sales and Distribution System
Jewellery Accounting

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